WETT Inspections
W.E.T.T Inspections

Solid fuel systems can be hazardous when not installed properly. An Inspection is widely viewed as the main way to alert homeowners to potential hazards before they occur. An Inspector can also reinforce the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance.

There are three levels of W.E.T.T Inspections.

Level 1– Most W.E.T.T. Inspections start at this level. This is usually requested by the homeowner or an Insurance Agent upon the sale of a home, change of insurance or in the event of an apparent problem. It is a visual inspection of readily accessible parts of a wood-burning system, to determine whether the system meets current standards and regulations. This evaluation is then presented to the customer upon completion of the inspection. This form of inspection is done by an individual with at least SITE basic Inspector qualifications.

Level 2– A Level 2 Inspection is performed by an individual with Comprehensive Inspector qualifications.  It may be required for several reasons such as, damage to the system, smoke spillage, rapid creosote accumulation, or a suspected hidden hazard. This level of inspection would entail an evaluation of all accessible components. To do this properly some of the system components will require disassembling to examine deposits as well as clearances and obstructions. It also includes an evaluation of the construction, sizing, condition and sustainability of all accessible components, as well as the overall integrity of the system.

Level 3– A Level 3 Comprehensive inspection is required when all previous steps have been taken but areas that need to be inspected are hidden behind walls or finishes.  In addition it will require invasive measures to determine the following:

  • construction techniques
  • sizing / condition
  • suitability of hidden components
  • sustainability of the system


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Level 1- $200.00 +tax, Level 2 and 3 quoted individually.